A pair of Ingratiate arm warmers, placed on a book

A very simple and stylish pair of arm warmers, knitted up initially for a boss's boss (hence the name). They're snug and cozy on me (being around 6½ inches in circumference), but if you need to make them larger or smaller, add or subtract by 4 to get the right measurements.

You'll need to know how to knit in the round (either on circular or double-pointed needles), and pick up stitches.

Items needed:


5 inches/12.5 centimetres = 25 stitches and 30 rows


Cast on 32 stitches.

Join together, placing stitch marker at join.

Knit 10 rows in knit 2, purl 2 rib.

On Row 11, with your scrap yarn, knit 8 stitches, then slip the scrap yarn stitches back onto the left needle and knit with your regular yarn.

Knit 39 more rows, until you reach Row 40.

Knit 10 rows in knit 2, purl 2 rib.

Cast off in the knit 2, purl 2 rib.

Carefully unpick the stitches in the scrap yarn, shifting the live stitches onto your needles.

Knit eight of the live stitches, pick up two along the side, then knit the other eight live stitches. Pick up two more along the other side, then join up with your existing thumb row.

Knit five rows, then cast off loosely.

Wear and enjoy!